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Strengthens the union and complicity with that special person in an exclusive and cozy environment. You will both receive and give the massage mutually guided by a masseur. You will learn to work the different parts of the body receiving notions of different types of massage.


The dimension of caresses is essential for the intimacy of a relationship. It allows you to share tenderness and discover the bodies, developing sensuality. This course will allow you to know the simple gestures that please and the attentions that relax and calm. Get rid off anxiety, tensions and let yourselves to each other. You will discover the way to express the feelings that you profess each other through the contact of your hands. Thanks to this interaction, you will find pleasure with your own body and with your partner´s. You will strengthen your confidence and recover together the feeling of sharing.


With your partner, a friend, a relative or with whom you want, learn to feel good, relaxed forget about the rest of the world with this massage workshop, ideal to strengthen ties between you. Couples can be male and female or of the same gender.


The workshop can be done during our working hurs, requesting an appointment in advance.


The price is per couple (not per pertson), and includes all the necesary materials.


Duration: 3 hours

Private Couple Massage Workshop

  • ​The Vouchers have an expiration date of 1 year. The owner of the Voucher is responsible for requesting an appointment. The number of the Voucher will be requested as guarantee. When attendind to the appointment, you will have to present the Voucher printed or in any electronic device.

    The Vouchers can be changed for any of the services we offer of the same price, in case of the choice is not the correct.

    To change an appointment, please, contact us 24 hours in advance. Any cancellation or change out of this period will cancel the Voucher. The Voucher could be cancelled in case of no attendance to the appointment, or arriving more than 15 minutes late without informing previously.

    No refund accepted.

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